March, 2001: The March issue of "Femme Fatales" magazine, with Traci Lords on the cover, came out with a nicely-sized article on the movie... mainly spotlighting Paula LaBaredas (Kim). Angie Spivey (Lenora) is featured as well, and the piece is illustrated with photographs from the film.

As of May 29, 2000, check out "Preyer Talk," the new discussion forum. The site has been attracting those interested in the topic of sociopaths, and this may be a way to bat around some ideas. You're welcome to write about other topics as well.

What's holding up the completion of this movie? An illness in the family, for the most part. "Eve's Preyer" is still in post production. 

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  Certain "Eve's Preyer" people have appeared on the local talk show program, "Renald Rap's Rambling with Renald Rap." Check out the little box below (If your browser is Netscape, there may be no little box) for further details...and their website ( may have photos and other goodies relating to the fabulous folks involved in the movie.    


Read More About the Following "Eve's Preyer" Cast and Crew People:

  Elissa Groh Angie Spivey
  Paula LaBaredas Vic Martino
  Angelino Chabrier JAnine Carter
  Rick Poli Vernon Campbell
  Murad Gumen  




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Discussion Forum

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