An Interview with Angie Spivey (April, 1999)

Q. What was it like to play the part of a sociopath (Lenora)?

A. “Well, it was a challenge to delve into the dark world of a woman like Lenora. She is so totally evil. I think everyone has those dark recesses, it’s just a matter of getting to them, exposing them, and not being afraid of them. Frankly, in the beginning, I was afraid to‘go there’ because I was afraid of not coming back.”

Q. The character of Lenora is very sexual. Do you think the way she is portrayed is degrading to women?

A. “Absolutely not. Lenora’s power is derived from her security with herself, especially her sexuality. Although she is obviously insane, she is an incredibly powerful woman. The only degradation in the film is manifested in Lenora’s exploitation of other’s sexual weaknesses. This woman is not an object in any way, shape or form. I think all the women in this film are portrayed as powerful in their own ways.”

Q. What was it like working with Murad Gumen, the director?

A. “Absolute hell. Just kidding (laughs). Murad was a doll during the whole thing. He really made sure we were comfortable under some very stressful filming situations. Some of the scenes cover some pretty sensitive subjects and Murad was fantastic about making sure everyone was at ease. He is a true professional.”

Q. So, what’s next for you?

A. “Next is a trip to L.A. to check out the scene out there. I want to continue to work in the medium of film and Los Angeles seems to be the next step for me. Although I am going to miss being so close to home.”

Q. And where is home for you?

A. “Now I sort of feel like home is New York City, but my heart belongs to my hometown of Morehead, North Carolina.”

Q. How would you sum up your feelings about “Eve’s Preyer” and its social importance?

A. “This film is really a step ahead in the psychological thriller
genre. The scary thing is that people like Lenora really exist and they could be anyone you know. Sociopaths are generally not easy to pick out of a group as they are usually extremely charming and intelligent. The real thrill of this movie is that it could happen in reality.”

Angie Spivey, originally from Morehead, North Carolina, currently resides in New York City. Her film credits include, “Casanova Falling,” “The Cradle Will Rock,” “Summer of Sam,” “For Love of the Game,” among others. This is Angie’s second lead role in an independent feature film. Television credits include “Law & Order,” “New York Undercover” and appearances on MTV. Theatre credits include work in New York City and North Carolina.


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