"It's only a movie" may be a pat phrase, but this website has touched a nerve among people who have been victimized by real-life sociopaths. If you have a similar story, please consider sharing it; others may find your experience beneficial.

My God; this is my 15 year old genuis daughter. Purposeful wrecker of lives, no conscience, diagnosed as dysphoria depression. adopted as newborn. wrecker of all. I finally had to kick her out to save myself and her younger brother. She is no normal rebellious teenager. She damn near destroyed me. yet I love her. I know you don't have or offer solutions. I am a humbled Social Worker. Just be aware that Lenoras do exist. Some days are good and some days I get on my "pity throne" I can't wait to see the movie; although I know it will upset me. Remember "The Bad Seed" a classic from forever ago. (Name Withheld)

I just found your site...I read the intro and have to tell you...exactly that happened to me 10 years ago...and it has taken that long to have life return to normal--all my assets stolen and a list longer than is believable, leaving me not only vulnerable but starting life again from scratch...I look forward to the read...I intend to publish one of these days...I am now attaining university degrees to try to make a difference for people, to the systems, and the rest of it...after an experience like mine--one must do something... I will enjoy the trip--see how realistic it is... (Name Withheld)

Your intr. was very telling. I have very little concentration at this time but it does not seem to be a self help program. I have had this experience. I was an easy prey as I was used to being victimized my entire life, and suffer from a 25 year depression. It has been 2 years since the "end" of my 18 year experience with this man. I cannot seem to get on or over it. I have been suicidal, revengful, done the law thing. All the things you mentioned and more. He is suave and calculating. He has been diagnosed by 2 different therapists as a sociopath and pathological liar. It has been easy for my family and others to disregard my trauma because of being labeled "depressed" The very thing that made me into the perfect prey. Do you actually help anyone or have any suggestions in the research that you have done. (Name Withheld)

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