JAnine Carter

A theatre actor from the age of eight, with a restless eye on film and television, performing has always been JAnine’s lifeline and great love. She describes it as the only job in the world that offers every career experience one could ever desire — allowing you to try all the different things you can, and letting you realize every wish. She has appeared in such films as “Ship of Fools,” and “Glamour Girls.”

An accomplished poet as well, JAnine’s creative writing began to come together again in 1995, after spending several years in France as a "lyricist-for -hire." Stricken with a sort of selective writer's-block in the mid-eighties (after the loss of her book of collected haiku poems), the writing of anything personal had become impossible. The young poet stuck to adapting French text to English for pop artists or writing lyrics to pre-existing music or themes. It wasn't until she moved her work-base back to New York that she was again able to find her quiet but unique voice — moving small private audiences with captured moments of eloquence and mood. Underground advertising networks and poetry linked web sites should feature her work, starting in mid-to-late 1999.

Her first play (slotted as a regional production in New York, the early part of 2000), "What Light from Darkness Grows..." is a period piece set in 1858. "This is a turn I never expected my creative energies to take,” Janine says. “I'm an actor. Whenever people asked me if I wrote or directed, my response was terror and complete denial! Now that the play's done I realize that I write because I have to, because I have this passionate love of words, and because there's a point of view that needs to be told. I guess those are the same reasons I do stage-work or anything else." When asked about directing, the reaction is usually evasive: "It's better if I use my powers for good!"

The realm of fashion modeling is no less a part of JAnine’s world; the ultra-thin, "No-party girl" who strutted the runways and showrooms of some of the biggest names in Paris fashion — Givenchy, Jean-Louis Scherrer, Guy LaRoche — just can't hide her haute-couture hauteur. Having always kept both lifestyles and careers separate and country-specific (hence the name thing), her intention was to be taken as seriously as possible by both professions, acting and modeling, yet still not be pigeon-holed by either. However, a low profile is no longer enough to completely conceal her model personna from the agents and casting directors here in the States, or her acting career from the couture houses in Paris. In 1999, a fine line to walk...or catwalk!

(Learn more about JAnine's play/production,"WHAT LIGHT FROM DARKNESS GROWS,": www.whatlight.com)


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