Cartoon Paula

Paula LaBaredas was born Paula Maria Esteves Labaredas, in her grandmother’s home in Portugal. Two years later, her family emigrated to the USA, residing in Connecticut.

A strict upbringing caused Paula to use her imagination as an escape. Attending college allowed her to overcome her shyness by discovering and falling in love with acting...she knew she wanted to perform for the rest of her life.

Not long ago, against her family’s wishes (where leaving home before marriage goes against the cultural grain), Paula made the move to New York City, and she has been pursuing her career ever since.

Currently, she stars in an international TV series, Mausam” on Z-TV (, and she has appeared in a wide variety of films — including “Rage” and “Dekker.” Her upcoming feature projects include “Angel Blood” and “Ten Cents a dance.”

Paula has a Fan Page: Palace of Paula LaBaredas



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