A good friend in need...heartwarming., and so true. While many of us don’t forsake being there when we're needed, let’s face it: performing friendship duties can be a pain in the butt. Especially in these busy times we live in. And especially when the friend who needs us is just very needy!

Violet really doesn’t have much time for any nonsense. True, her good friend Eve seems to be falling apart, and she certainly isn’t going to turn her back on her. As a smart career-woman, however, she’s going to try and get to the very crux of the matter. She simply can’t afford for Eve to keep crying on her shoulder. So if she can do something to solve this problem — quickly — she will! All she wants is to get on with her life.

An undeniable truth we all learn sooner or later is that sometimes quick fixes can bring even greater problems — often more severe. This is a lesson Violet is on a collision course with, a lesson that will indelibly melt into her soul.

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