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Bearing a greater share of the burden is the fate of many modern women. Raising the children, maintaining the household, and bringing in her share of a two-income family are not easy responsibilities for one person to largely assume. Eve Winsom, however, faces her duties without complaining too much. She possesses good character, and a good heart. Some women as beautiful as Eve may be able to marry into money if they choose to make a point of it....but for Eve, the substantive issue has always been integrity. She knew that Victor would make a wonderful husband and father.

Perhaps a small part of her believes she deserves to be pampered, but she does a good job of concealing it. When adversity threatens the family, she is not the kind to abandon ship. If going back to work is what is called for, she will gladly do it. If her husband is going through a difficult phase, she will be there to support him. If her rebellious teenage daughter is disrespectful and getting out of control, somehow she will find a way to deal with it. Although she is uncomfortably finding herself more and more in the position of serving as the backbone of the family, she is grateful she has the strength to withstand these newfound aggravations and pressures.

Everyone, however, has a breaking point... and Eve is peacefully unaware of how sorely her strength will be tested by a dangerous X-factor that comes totally out of left field.

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