Have you ever encountered an individual who can walk into a crowded room and capture everyone’s attention? Not necessarily because the individual is physically striking....but because of an unmistakable aura: an aura of magnetism, of charisma...and of power.

Heaven help those who find themselves on the hit lists of such powerful individuals. Particularly if these individuals cannot delineate between right and wrong, or deliberately choose not to.

Lenora is just such an individual — a dangerous sociopath who combines her personal power with the additional arsenal that a young and beautiful woman has in her possession. The fact that most men cannot offer resistance is almost a foregone conclusion, a fact that amuses Lenora. These men are such easy pickings, it’s difficult to feel anything but contempt for them. What gives Lenora greater satisfaction is that even heterosexual women find their wills crumbling before her. It’s not that she necessarily likes women — her sexuality is merely a tool to get what she’s after. What gets Lenora off has nothing to do with sex — for sex complements love, and Lenora is not into the “L” word. What gets Lenora off is control, manipulation, and the power to destroy.

Frighteningly, it is for the most inconsequential of reasons that she targets the troubled Winsom family. She has little doubt that they will be woefully steamrollered in her path of psychological obliteration.

Quintessentially, Lenora is....the Preyer.

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