Everyone knows it’s not easy being a teenager.... Especially when you’re a teenager. Certainly, every kid has to go through the “rebelling against the parents” stage — it’s a requirement to shape your own identity. But with Kim, a bad attitude has almost become an obsession. Her mom is always getting on her case...(why can’t she just leave her alone?)... And her dad has become detached, wrapped up in his own problems. There may also be resentment of his bringing the family to the brink of poverty... not long ago in her life, there were certain luxuries that enhanced her status with her peers. Perhaps these new feelings of inadequacy are closing her off, and bringing a new hard edge to her. She was always wildly individualistic, anyway.

It’s a surprise to Kim that she’s hooked on her boyfriend, Jeremy. She knows he’s not good enough for her. Sometimes she feels he doesn’t even care about her. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t treat him so well, because he’s such a jerk, and she’s mad at herself for liking the jerk. Maybe she also stays with him because she knows Jeremy aggravates her mom. What a screwed-up relationship. What a screwed-up life!

One good thing about being a teenager is you can get away with being mixed up and crazy...after all, you’re not a grown-up yet. Little does Kim know, however, that a disturbing turn-of-events will force her to grow up very, very fast. Almost to the point where she must assume the parental role, when she discovers she is the last hope for her family’s survival. However, when one so completely unprepared and inexperienced is expected to salvage such a desperate and ugly situation, it may be asking a little too much...

Next Character: VICTOR PAULA LaBAREDAS plays Kim


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