Independence. Non-conformity. These are the qualities that Americans admire and respect. We love those individuals who are born to be wild and free. Some might simplistically conclude that Jeremy is a “bad boy,” but he knows he’s not really bad... he’s just cool. Yes, he may be a little self-centered at times, but if one does not look out for number one, who else will? And, all right, he may not be able to hold down a steady job, but who cares about that? As long as the girls are crazy about him, does anything else matter?

His current squeeze, Kim, is a bit more of a challenge. He keeps trying, because it will be so satisfying when she falls so very much in love with him. He’s older, and should have been able to break through by now, but he’s not giving up yet... especially now that there is this new problem in Kim’s life, and she needs him so desperately. Soon, Jeremy is convinced, he will have her exactly where he wants her.

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