For even the most elastic of imaginations, saying that Eve’s Preyer had a sizable budget would be a real stretch. So here it was, our big day of November 22nd where we were traveling to four different locations all over Queens: taking care of three major scenes, and part of another. In one of them, the “High School” scene, we needed a shot of Kim getting off a bus. Fully aware that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York would not be cooperative, we had to resort to guerrilla tactics.

“Here’s what we’re gonna do,” I told the three actors (playing Kim, Jeremy and Lenora) riding in the back seat as we cruised down the Grand Central Parkway. “Paula, I’m going to give you bus fare. When you get on the bus, tell the driver we’re working on a school project, and would he kindly let you off before driving away — and, oh, offer him the fare if he wants it.” Paula’s face crinkled. The pressure was on her, and I sensed her discomfort. “Ahh, don’t worry,” I said. “You’re so damned cute, the driver isn’t going to be able to resist you.”

“What if the driver is a woman?” Angelino (who plays Jeremy) queried, wisely covering the bases as all guerrillas should. It was almost unanimous that we would then send Lenora. (The one hold-out was Angie, with face familiarly crinkled.)

Epilogue: Paula got a little flack from the driver, who said we “weren’t supposed to do that.” The dollar-fifty bus fare went back into the production kitty. We got the take in one shot.

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